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Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems, Alternative Extinguishing Systems, Fire Protection Plans, Fire Safety Plans & Emergency Action Plans.
Obtain Approvals & Permits, Resolve Violations & Summons from The Building Department, Fire Department, NYC Transit Authority, Dept. of Transportation, Interpretation of all NYC Codes, Real Property Tax and Energy Incentives Programs.
Review of Design Drawings, Approval of the Regulatory Agencies & Conducting Controlled and Special Inspections.
Special Inspection Agency
Walter T. Gorman, P.E., P.C. is a Special Inspection Agency registered by NYC Department of Buidings and accredited by International Accreditation Service.
Commercial Office Build Out, Site Planning, Site Grading & Drainage, HVAC, Standpipe System Design, Residential, Electrical Design & Gas Station Rebuilds.
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